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    Manifolds success

    Manifolds provide to you a really favourable technical solution, thanks to their functioning and adaptability to every oleodynamic system.
    The engineering of these products allow to optimize all needed components according to the specific application requirement; moreover, reduced overall dimensions and weights can be reached by using manifolds, with the associated better energetic economy.
    Manifolds, thanks to their good performances, over the years have become increasingly popular for industrial and mobile machinery applications.

    Our Partnership with Hydraforce

    The Company in 2003 made a partner agreement with HydraForce, world’s largest manufacturer of advanced hydraulic cartridge.
    Moveco has gradually acquired valuable know-how basing on the huge American home experience in applications for all main sectors, from mobile vehicles to industrial plants.
    HydraForce offer more than 120 distributors which provide a widespread global service. In last years this valuable partnership has really grown, placing the two companies in close contact, starting from the design of new systems to new components development, in order to be able to reach a customized product, essential for each application.

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    Hydraforce Italia

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